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Are you concerned about your security? Take a glimpse at the following lock and key related tips. You will love them because they are simple and helpful! They can solve many of your current problems and help you understand what must be done in order for you to be secure

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Dealing with frozen locks

If your door lock is frozen and you do not have a de-icer around the house, you can apply heat to the keyhole. Make sure though that you do not apply excessive heat as this can damage your lock. You can also try applying some heat to your key before inserting it into the keyhole.

Perfect lock duo

For your home’s security, our experts say that it is best to have at least 2 sets of hardware for your door. One that provides your door with the pull function so you can open and close it and another door lock that will provide the security aspect. They recommend a knob-set which provides the pull and security function and a deadbolt to go with it for added security.

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